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Robotic Surgery Specialist

Patrick F. Doherty, MD -  - Neurosurgeon

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Patrick F. Doherty, MD

Neurosurgeon located in New London, CT

Surgeons have long sought ways to increase their accuracy and precision in the operating room. And now, thanks to robotic surgery, they can perform more complex procedures with greater control than ever before. That’s why Patrick Doherty, MD, offers robotic surgery to his patients at Yale Neurosurgery New London. To learn more about this groundbreaking type of surgery, call the office in New London, Connecticut, or request an appointment online today.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is a type of surgery that leverages the latest technology available today. Rather than performing your procedure with his own hands, Dr. Doherty uses a robotic arm and the ExcelsiusGPS® platform to perform your surgery. He controls the robotic arm during your procedure. The arm itself is more precise and more compact than human hands. That means Dr. Doherty can perform surgical tasks that would have been impossible without this robotic assistance. 

When it comes to surgery anywhere along your spine, alignment is critical. Anyone with even mild scoliosis knows how even a small misalignment in the spine can create major problems over time. The same is true for the results of spinal surgery. Even a seemingly small change can have a dramatic impact — for worse or better. Fortunately, with robot-assisted surgery, Dr. Doherty has greater control over even the smallest movements, ensuring proper alignment throughout your procedure to give you the best possible results.

Are there other benefits of robotic surgery?

Absolutely. Since the FDA approved robotic surgery in 2000, surgeons across the country have been quick to adopt it because it delivers such a wide range of benefits for their patients. Using a robotic instrument rather than their own hands reduces the risk of contamination and a resulting infection. 

It also allows them to perform the necessary procedure through a smaller incision. This shrinking of the surgery site reduces blood loss and post-operative pain. It also means you heal faster after your procedure with less scarring. 

What kinds of surgery can be performed robotically?

Virtually any type of surgery can be performed robotically. At Yale Neurosurgery New London, Dr. Doherty and his team specialize in spinal surgery. If you need back or neck surgery, they can use the ExcelsiusGPS platform to perform your surgery with greater precision and lower risk of complications. 

If you’ve been putting off neck or back surgery, ask their team about robotic surgery. With this groundbreaking technology, your procedure may be less invasive and come with less downtime than you expected. Meaning you can get the pain relief you need, and you can back to enjoying your life faster. 

To learn more about robotic surgery and how it can help you, call Yale Neurosurgery New London or request your appointment online today.